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    Currently Developer eXperience lead at Platform of Trust

    Igniter and co-Author of API-talous 101 book about API economy. Read more (in Finnish) from https://apitalous101.fi

    I have a mission to educate business people about the needs of developers

    Author of Build for Developers - Application Developers as Customers in API Economy. Book about how to build top 1% APIs.

    Jarkko is leading API economy expert in Finland, experienced speaker at international events, long term API and open source community builder (API:Suomi) and passionate API Developer eXperience (APIOps) developer. Jarkko was leading APIs based value chain business and community development at APInf Oy during 2017.

    Jarkko influenced 2014-2018 in the realm of education and cloud services at Ministry of Education and Culture, Department for Education Policy as Senior Advisor (FI:kehittämispäällikkö) under the wings of Director-General Eeva-Riitta Pirhonen. In this position kickstarted and act as Product Owner of MPASSid(r) - K12 education specific SSO solution (national solution in Finland and Estonia, http://mpass.fi).

    In open data Jarkko has established national 'open data overflow'​ questions and answers service for Finnish Open Data community

    Jarkko wrote his PhD about "Peer Production economy - revolution in design, development and manufacturing"​ (7/2017). Jarkko's years long statistical survey based research about 3D Printing community and Fabbing communities (hackerspaces, makerspaces etc) reflects his passion towards hackers, open source, open hardware and open data.

    Why this site exists?

    The DX discussed here is mostly related to APIs and Platform Economy.

    Most of the 100 Days of Developer eXperience posts are combination of empirical quotes from developers and facts from scientific articles.

    I've been writing a new book called Build for Developers for several months already. I had to build a habbit of writing at least something every day. First I tried to write one hour every day. That was overwhelming and I failed.

    Now I write every day a short (around 500 words) post about Developer eXperience. All the content probably helps in writing the book as well.

    Why 100 days?

    I noticed a friend of mine doing 100 designs challenge or something like that. I thought to try same thing with DX and writing.

    You can suggest topics

    You can suggest topics for future posts by raising an issue in Github - I have an idea!. I will not promise to write about your suggestion, but I promise to consider it thoroughly.

    What happens after 100 days?

    I might be exhausted, but mostly likely I have learned a lot about DX and writing. At the same time, the 100 days acts as counter to book "Build for Developers" publishing. Aim is that after 100 days the book is ready. The site stays alive until something peculiar happens. All the source will be in Github anyway, so it should be easy to maintain.

    How long are the articles really?

    Out of curiosity I did some analysis of the past articles. It seems that there's some volatility in length :) After writing post #62 the average length of an article is 1233 words.