Today I need to skip the article. I was pondering whole day what to do in the future. I’ve been offered a chance to write another PhD thesis and I’ve been sort of thinking whether to do it or not. I know from past that I need to have the internal flame to get it done. Why would I have any flame to write another PhD Thesis? I have the sword from first PhD. Just kidding, that sword was a bonus :)

But seriously thinking. I think my subconscious mind has already decided this matter. Writing this 100DaysDX series has been preparing me for the project. I seem to have compelling need to put the DX stuff in package. I’m a researcher by education and thus I’ve read a lot of academic material while writing this series. I’ve located so many gaps in academic literature regarding DX that almost for that reason alone I need to write more academic articles. One of my previous PhD sponsors bumped into me and we discovered that we have joint interest in API Economy.

Now when all that is taken into account, it’s obvious that I have only one option.

Decided to pursue Doctor of Developer eXperience

I need to do another PhD Thesis. Last time was about 3D printing ecosystem. This time it will be Economics of Developer eXperience.

I have now a name for the project and goal. I want to be “Doctor of Developer eXperience” by 2025. I want to be the first to have a PhD Thesis about this subject alone. So I have the internal flame. Motivation is coming from inside. I still don’t think that 2nd PhD is going to bring me fame or money. That wasn’t the reason to make 1st PhD either.

It’s going to be article based thesis and I will do it while working (like last time). I will continue working at Platform of Trust fulltime as Developer eXperience Lead. I know already that CEO supports my efforts and without that kind of support I would not be able to make this decision. I will not make technically oriented thesis, but focus more in the economical aspects of developer experience (what ever that means). The final push to make the decision was when I noticed that I already promised to write a position paper about the subject together with a professor.

I will finalise the series anyway. Today was just mentally so exhausting day that I could not do anything else. The worst part is still ahead. No, it’s not finalising the first article. It’s not finalising rest of the articles. It’s not dissertation. My wife has no glue about this. She will go ballistic…

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